Residential Organic Garden Program


Services Provided


  • Provide services in designing, building and maintaining sustainable residential vegetable gardens.  Lets sit down and discuss what you would like to have in your yard and together we can make it happen. 


  • Fruit and vegetable trade and sharing program - is a program that will supply all clients involved with fruits and vegetables from other gardens.  For example, if the "Smiths" have an excess amount of squash that they can not possibly eat before spoiling, and the "Jones" have the same with tomatoes, then the option is available to trade. 


  • Provide weekly care for your garden.


  • Maintaining an organic garden year around - which is the goal for every serious gardener. 


  • Compost bin building and services - we will build and teach each client how to compost which will save money and help decrease the amount of waste each family creates.


  • Rainwater catchment system - to help supply the garden and yard with free water.


  • Irregation systems design and installation.


  • Green house construction - important for any garden with cold winters.


  • Chicken coup design and construction - fresh eggs, better than any egg you could buy in a store.


  • Pond and water feature installation - to create and mimic a natural water habitat.


  • Artificial grass installation.